Taking a Sabbatical for the rest of the month! Don’t miss me too much ;)

by J. Money – Published July 3, 2019

Hey guys!

So in an effort to be more “present” for our upcoming move and really soak everything in, I’ll be taking a break from blogging for the month of July (and the first week of August while we family vacay) to help slow down life more and enjoy the upcoming changes in our life 🙂

I’ve caught myself trying to rush through everything here and overlook the joys a new home and city brings, and after hearing about how excited my boys were this week (“this is going to be the best time of our lives!!”) I realized I don’t want to miss an ounce of it 🙂

So the blog and newsletters will be paused for the next handful of weeks, but we’ll be sure to come back as we always do and re-start the party when we’re nice and re-charged. So don’t go too far away! And if you suffer from any withdrawal, you can always find me on email or social as I’m not brave enough to disconnect fully of course, haha…

In the meantime, have a most blessed – and fun!!! – summer month over there! And thank you for reading the blog all year! 🙏🙏

Yours in finance,

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PS: If you’re thinking of taking a sabbatical and need a little push like I do at times, here are two articles that may do the trick 🙂 I haven’t regretted taking any of them yet!

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