7 more ideas for your financial arsenal!


Got a bunch more ideas for your wallet – and life – today, courtesy of some really good looking and smart people – you all 🙂

Hope you find something worth trying out!


#1. Double checking all scratched off lottery tickets you find on the ground –> “I don’t spend much out of pocket, but I always check the ones scratched off and on the top of the trash (gross, I know) or on the ground. When I was pregnant and VERY broke, I walked by one on the ground right outside of my car. A few minutes later, my client walked in with it and it was a $1,000 winner! I check them all the time now. Most big gamblers will throw them away or on the ground even if it’s a $2 winner. Then, I always get another ticket with the winnings – but just one and I keep the rest of the winnings as cash. Last month I made an extra $7 this way.” – Jessie

#2. Using all bonuses/raises to get a “free” mortgage! –> “Wanted to share a story that I’m sure you will appreciate… I’ve been very fortunate with my move to GA – love the area (and not having to shovel snow) – along with having received multiple promotions and raises over the past 4 years since I moved here. My father made an interesting statement that put it into perspective – He commented that I now have a free mortgage – meaning, my raises have covered what I pay out for it! I went searching to see what I was making when I moved here, and found out that these raises indeed cover the principle and interest portions. I’m now opting to put my extra money towards paying off that mortgage even sooner now – hopefully getting rid of it in another 7 years and turning a 30 year mortgage into an 11 year. Now I’m as “broke” as I was when I first moved to GA!! 😂” – LeeAnne

#3. Using random boxes to shield your gifts –> “My grandma, who is always worried about package theft, sends our presents for Christmas and birthdays in a random, empty box from around the house. One time recently, she sent my birthday present in a box of low-fat/sugar Swiss hot chocolate mix, and even left a packet of the hot chocolate for me to enjoy along with the gift (others have been in empty cereal and granola bar boxes, but never with any leftover snacks). She then wraps *that* box with the paper bag and ships it that way :). Her strategy is would-be package thieves will be deterred by the lame box inside the paper bag, and move on without opening it and discovering the good present inside the box. 😂 I’ll definitely be trying the straight paper bag wrapping in the future!” – Brittany

#4. Doing one-on-one trips with your kids before they get too old to care 😉 –> “My daughter and I got back from a week long road trip from Omaha Nebraska to Raleigh North Carolina. It was a ton of fun. My son and I leave for Philadelphia next month to do a historic tour for a week. I try to do these 1 on 1 trips with them every year while they still want me around. Ha!” – Pi Lady Fi

#5. Being a good Samaritan to baristas and the environment –> “If you really want to over-achieve on your coffee endeavors (and you’re not going to take your coffee to-go), buy two mugs from a local ceramic artist and take them with you to the coffee shop. If the barista says they like your mug, give it to them and use the second mug you have to get your coffee. This will make the barista’s day, help to support local artists by purchasing from them and advertising their business, and, again, help keep to-go cups out of the landfill.” – Tobezors

[Personal update on this – AFTER TWO MONTHS OF FORGETTING, I finally brought my own mug to Panera and it worked beautifully! Not only did I save on a cup + top + sleeve + straw from going into the landfill, but I even got it for free as they never charged me! Woo! We’ll see if it was a fluke or if they were just mesmerized with my new mug’ing ways, but either way it’s a great start to a Better Me and I thank y’all for the prompts over the weeks ;)]

#6. Using scratchers as a festive center piece –> “I usually spend $30 at Christmas time when we decorate our small tree with lottery tickets for a center piece for dinner. Then we all take part in scratching together!” – Lisa O.

[Editor’s Note: I find lotto tickets also make for great (and cheap) stocking stuffers! Which people will actually *use* compared to other nonsense tchotchkes!]

#7. Implementing High Five Fridays –> “Our local elementary school counselor implemented “High Five Friday” where groups/businesses from the community come on Friday morning to simply give High Fives and encouragement to students as they enter the building. Our company did it this morning and it was so fun, made a difference to the kids, and cost us nothing but 15 minutes of our time. Such a great idea! (She got the idea from a nearby (challenging) school where they found attendance actually INCREASED on Fridays due to that tiny piece of human interaction kids are craving. It’s #onegoodthing that I hope grows!” – Working Mom


And if you ever find yourself negotiating a professional sports contract, do your best to follow in the footsteps of one-time great, Bobby Bonilla:

“In 2000, The Mets bought out Bobby Bonilla for $5.9mil. Instead of cash they agreed to 8% interest w/ payments beginning 2011-2035. Bonilla’s check comes every July 1st. $1.2 Million every year. Adds up to $29 mil when all is said and done. He hasn’t played since 2001.” – @johndelizondo on Bobby Bonilla Day


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